Marshall Pomeroy's Personalized Learning VISION:

  • At Marshall Pomeroy, we are dedicated to creating learning environments in which students can take ownership of their learning, integrate their passions on their journeys to become productive global citizens, and achieve success through well-developed Habits of Success.

Marshall Pomeroy's Personalized Learning MISSION:

  • Marshall Pomeroy, in partnership with Summit Learning, will develop rigorous and culturally responsive learning opportunities for students through the self-directed learning cycle: goal setting, consistent feedback and mentoring, reflection, and community involvement.

            • Equity

            • Inviting in all stakeholders

            • Project Based Learning

            • Personalized Learning

            • Inclusion

            • Curriculum Refinement

Thank you to all the families that attended PLP Family Night

It was a wonderful to see and collaborate with you all!

Welcome back to school!

PLP Family Letter, September 2019

PLP Family Letter - September 2019

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