Principal: Nichol Klein

1505 Escuela Parkway

Milpitas, CA 95035

Phone: (408) 635-2858

Fax: (408) 635-2863


Marshall Pomeroy Elementary is a public elementary school serving a diverse group of approximately 700 students in grades TK - 6.

Our support staff of over 70 teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, food service workers and administrative staff all work with your students to achieve high academic and social standards and to develop personal and community responsibility. 


Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School is named after Marshall Pomeroy. 

Marshall Pomeroy was the son of Warren Pomeroy. He was born at Somers, Connecticut, on February 10th, 1835. His education more than adequate. After his school days were over, he became a clerk. This type of work was too confining for him. Since his father often spoke of California, he decided to come here to see what the country was like. He left New York in March of 1858 by steamer. He came by way of the Isthmus route to Panama City and again onto a steamer to San Francisco. He arrived in the Santa Clara Valley in April of 1858.

During his first few years here, he made trips up and down the coast, and he concluded that he could not find any place superior to Santa Clara County. During the Civil War he was a member of the Alviso Rifles, but was never called out. After farming with his father for some years, he purchased 180 acres of land in Milpitas. Here he raised grain and livestock.

It was while he was in Milpitas that he met Miss Ella French, whom he married. During this time, he served as Justice of the Peace in Milpitas Township from 1865-1867, and as the Constable for the terms of 1867-1871, and 1873-1875. Marshall Pomeroy had five children; Irvine, Clarence, Delia, Warren, and Clovis. He continued farming here until 1875, when he moved to San Jose. He passed away in November of 1921.

Report prepared by Art Gatto, 10/25/65



Pomeroy's community develops engaged, accountable and adaptable students in preparation for a global society through:

Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Caring


At Pomeroy, we work passionately to foster and inspire a love of academic and social learning in which all students can achieve their dreams and create a better world.